Conservative dentistry
We provide a wide range of dental services, and we use modern methods of treatment of our Patients’ teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry
The aim of esthetic dentistry is to give teeth a beautiful, natural, and esthetic appearance.
Dental prosthetics
Restoring the missing teeth, rebuilding of broken teeth, changing shape and position of teeth, correcting permanent discoloration
The treatment of periodontium (tissues surrounding a tooth) and mucous membranes of the oral cavity
Dental surgery
We provide comprehensive standard and specialized treatments in the field of dental surgery
Endodontic treatment administered in the case of dental caries with complications due to inflammation, necrosis, or gangrene of the dental pulp
Comprehensive treatment plan based on the results of examination and bone measurement as well as on the expectations and needs of the Patient
Pediatric dentistry
The office designed for the work with children is equipped in such a way that the youngest Patients can feel comfortable and safe
Our prices are very competitive, and the quality and professionalism of our services make our Patients recommend us to other people.


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